At Castleview we started to breed Longhorn Cattle in 1989 after our region became an environmentally sensitive area. Since 2003 the farm is certified  organic .



The reason we have chosen this ancient breed was the need for an easy-care, hardy and docile beef breed that would outwinter without problems, calve without difficulties and can thrive without concentrates. Most of our grazing is under management restrictions, the use of fertilizer and agrochemicals is prohibited and  there are restrictions on the livestock units per hectare as well. Recent changes in agricultural policy make it even more important to work with a breed of cattle that can thrive without heavy investments into buildings, concentrates or labour.  

Today the herd comprises of ca. 140 purebred Longhorns, on average there are 50 cows, 5 bulls for breeding, 20 males reared for slaughter and heifers reared as replacements. In addition every year some bulls are sold to dairy farms to run with the heifers as the Longhorn bull is very valuable as a sire of  cross calves that are born without problems. The female cross  makes an excellent suckler cow and the male calves are sold to commercial fattening units. During the last couple of years there was a strong interest into the breed and purebred animals have been sold to start new herds in Germany, Holland, Poland, Luxembourg and Belgium. There are inquiries from Australia and the United States for semen and embryos as well as for livestock from several European countries.

Steers have been sold to France to be trained as  working- oxen, their new owners are impressed by their docility and  pleasure to learn.

Cattle have gone to commercial farms as well as to people who just want to enjoy watching a cow grazing their backyard.

No matter whether you make a living out of farming or you are looking for a friendly housecow to become selfsufficient, Longhorn Cattle deserve to give them a chance.



Bollin Earle 2008

Purebred Longhorn cattle make excellent suckler cows, they are very hardy and can thrive and rear  their calf on grass only without the need of supplementary feeding .The quality of the meat produced is of utmost  importance to us . Longhorn beef is second to none . Full of flavour, with velvet texture and slightly marbled it tastes like beef used to taste. There is growing demand from restaurants and family butchers for this excellent product reared naturally on grass. As Britains oldest beef breed the Longhorn produces a lean carcass of a very high quality with small bones and little carcass waste. 


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